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Follicular wave dynamics after estradiol-17β treatment of heifers with or without a progestogen implant

Bo, G.A., Adams, G.P., Pierson, R.A., Tribulo, Humberto Elías ORCID:, Caccia, M. and Mapletoft, R.J. (1994) Follicular wave dynamics after estradiol-17β treatment of heifers with or without a progestogen implant. Theriogenology, 41 (8). pp. 1555-1569. ISSN 0093-691X

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Two experiments were designed to evaluate the effects of estradiol-17β (E-17β) on follicular wave dynamics and gonadotropin in cattle. The first experiment was designed to evaluate the effect of 5 mg E-17β administered on Day 1 (ovulation=Day 0) in heifers with or without a progestogen (SMB) ear implant. The dominant follicle in heifers treated with E-17β+SMB ceased to grow 1 d after E-17β treatment and subsequently regressed resulting in early emergence of the next follicular wave. Conversely, E-17β treatment of non-implanted heifers resulted in transient or incomplete suppression of the dominant follicle, and delayed emergence of the next follicular wave (P<0.05). A post-treatment surge in plasma LH concentration was detected in 5 of 6 heifers treated with E-17β alone versus 1 of 6 treated with E-17β+SMB (P<0.05). In all but 1 heifer, the LH surge was accompanied by a concurrent FSH surge (18 to 36 h after E-17β). The second experiment was designed to determine an effective dosage regimen of E-17β for suppression of follicular growth in SMB-implanted heifers and to test the hypothesis that estradiol-induced follicle suppression will result in a synchronous emergence of the subsequent follicular wave. On Day 0,48 heifers were implanted with SMB and allocated to 1 of 7 treatment groups: control heifers, and those that received 10 mg or 5 mg E-17β i.m. on Day 1 or Day 3; or 2.5 mg E-17β b.i.d. on Days 1 to 3 or Days 3 to 5. The growth of the dominant follicle of the first follicular wave was suppressed in all the E-17β treated groups. Emergence of the second follicular wave was later (P<0.05) in control heifers than heifers treated with a single injection of E-17β on Day 1, but was not different from heifers treated on Day 3. Furthermore, the day of wave emergence was less variable (P<0.05) in heifers treated with 5 mg of E-17β than in control heifers. It was concluded that E-17β and progestogen treatment may be used to suppress follicular growth and cause the synchronous emergence of a new follicular wave in cattle.

Tipo de documento: Artículo
Palabras clave: Bovine. Dominant follicle. Estradiol. Follicular dynamics. Ultrasonography.
Temas: S Agricultura > SB Cultura de la planta
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