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Explain discrete choice methods by animation videos

Jaimes, Rocío (2020) Explain discrete choice methods by animation videos. Universidad Católica de Córdoba [Tesis de Maestría].

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2020 was the year in which distance learning (also known as Virtual Education) gained importance, providing an analysis framework on existing tools in order to enhance their results. Our goal was to provide a tool that would assist students in understanding the Discrete Choice Methods, and for this we have started from an analysis of the existing types of education: Traditional Education, Virtual Education and Hybrid Education, summarizing the importance of the latter, and the positive results what can be obtained in relation to the other two. Educational videos, their elements and classifications were also analyzed, making a distinct emphasis on how to achieve Student Engagement through Working Memory, which can be stimulated through audiovisual channels. Then the types of Animated videos were discussed, of which one called Whiteboard Video was selected for our project. After that, a theoretical framework of the Discrete Choice Models was developed, its elements and the Utility Function that was used as a basis for the analysis, getting to explain the Multinomial Logit Model and the Blue Bus/Red Bus paradox. Finally, our experience preparing the video was shared, exposing both advantages and disadvantages of each alternative analized about wich animation program should be used and stating the decision made. The creative process was also shared along with the difficulties faced to achieve our outcome. The result was an Animated Whiteboard Video, which meets cognitive requirements according to what was analyzed. How this video influences the students, and if it can improve understanding remains to be tested in the future.

Tipo de documento: Tesis (Maestría)
Dirección de Tesis: Bernhardt, José Alejandro
Institución: Universidad Católica de Córdoba
Departamento: ICDA - Escuela de Negocios
Palabras clave: Tesis de maestría, Dirección de Empresas, MBA. Educación a distancia. Educación virtual. Videos. Medios audiovisuales.
Temas: L Educación > L Educación (General)
Unidad académica: Universidad Católica de Córdoba > ICDA - Escuela de Negocios
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